Invitation to pilgrimage over the Dovre mountain on St. Olav’s way to Nidaros – 25-30 July 2016

In medieval times, Nidaros was Norway’s capital and one of the main Christian pilgrimage sites after Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela. Thanks to renewed interest in the 1980s, pilgrims today flock to Trondheim and the Nidaros_Cathedral, the site of the tomb of St. Olav. The Old King’s Road or St. Olav’s Way is now restored and maintained with signposting and supported by a network of accommodations. Although the Pilgrim’s Route over the Dovre mountain is only one of several St. Olav’s ways in Northern Europe leading to Nidaros, it is the most famous.

The Nordic Catholic Church will this summer arrange a three days’ walk over the Dovre mountain along the medieval pilgrim’s route to Nidaros, where we will join the celebration of St. Olav’s day in Trondheim.

Program and registration details are available here.

St. Olaf on the west front of the cathedral

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