A Way Forward – NCC UK Administration Launched

Over the past years I have been approached by people from the United Kingdom asking me what the Nordic Catholic Church can offer to help disaffected Anglo Catholics. After a period of consulting with different constituencies and with the blessing of Most Reverend Anthony Mikovsky, Archbishop of the Union of Scranton, I have taken steps to begin a new administration in the United Kingdom.

Our initial focus will be with lay folk through the formation of an Oratory called “The Way and Mind of the Spirit”.

This motto recalls the first name of the followers of Jesus (Acts 11:26,) before they took the name “Christian”. The Acts of the Apostles also tells us that the early church “grew, while walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 9:31).

In these difficult times of discernment, we hope to walk in that same direction and thus find a way forward. Our agenda is positive and we do not seek to be a group in opposition to any others looking for realignment. We are aware that others are seeking the same goals of orthodoxy in doctrine and morality with urgency for the evangelical spirit in this present age.

In order to offer the gift of the same Catholic future that the Polish National Catholic Church has blessed us with in Europe, I have, for this present stage, appointed a General Secretary and a small college of priests, who will assist me in finding a way to minister to lay people who continue to pass on the faith, worship and praxis of the Undivided church of the first millennium as it has been handed down to Anglicans within the church of their baptism.

Bishop Roald Nikolai Flemestad


Greetings from Archbishop Anthony Mikovsky of the Union of Scranton:

To Bishop Roald N. Flemestad and the English Administration

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