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Signs and Wonders

4th Sunday after Trinity Mark 5,21-43 The two words “Signs” and “Wonders” often occur together, but mean rather different things. A Sign directs people towards what they are looking for: Maybe an historic building, or a panoramic view. It exists to guide people away from itself, but towards the real Wonder. Wonder describes our feeling …

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A Lesson in True Power

3rd Sunday after Trinity Mark 4;35–41 Never has humankind been more powerful than it is today. We have the power to send men to the moon, we have the power to split the atom, and artificial intelligence is affecting our lives in all manner of ways. But it was British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin who …

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The Mustard Seed

2nd Sunday after Trinity Mark 4,26-34 In England the NCC Mass booklet has Christ’s words that his kingdom is like a mustard seed, the least of the shrubs that becomes a tree and a home for many varieties of birds. We do not understand this image in the sense of Ernst Schumacher writing in 1973 …

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The Hard Sayings of Jesus

Trinity 1 or Corpus Christi Mark 3,20-35 In English, the word ‘hard’ has several different meanings. It can mean ‘hard’ as opposed to ‘soft’: like “taking a hard (or firm) line about something”; but we also often use ‘hard’ about the things that we find difficult to accept or understand, or those we find ‘hard …

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Is Trinity True?

Trinity Sunday John 3,1-17 Is it true? Will you find the Trinity mentioned in the Bible, or more specifically, the New Testament? Let me save you the bother of rushing to your Concordance; the word Trinity does not occur in the Bible. However, do not despair. After all, anyone who takes the Bible simply at …

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Spirit guided Church

Pentecost Sunday John 20,19-23 The Christian faith is based on the truths Jesus taught and transmitted through the ages by successions of believers called the Church. In order for these truths to be authentically of God rather than of man, they need to be the same truth as handed down by the Son of God. …

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It’s only words

Sixth Sunday of Easter – “My Words are Spirit and Life” John 15,9-17 An Englishman’s word is his bond. That’s a noble sentiment. But, there are words, and there are words. I detect a widespread cynicism about politicians, certainly at national level, because the perception is that their deeds don’t match up to their words. …

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Partaking in the Divine

Fifth Sunday of Easter – The True Vine John 15,1-8 The New Testament was written to strengthen the first converts, who not only faced great times of persecution but also philosophical attacks from Jew, Greek and Roman critics. The apostolic community needed to hand on coherent teaching but also to develop the strongest possible affinity …

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And there shall be one fold and one shepherd

Fourth Sunday of Easter – The Good Shepherd John 10,11-18 When I was a child, on a Summer Sunday evening, my parents would take me for a walk along the seafront at Hastings in East Sussex. It was just like a miniature Speakers’ Corner. There was the Catholic Truth Society, there was the Protestant Truth …

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“You Are Witnesses to This”

Third Sunday of Easter Luke 24,36-48 Witnesses play a critical role in every Trial before a Court of Law; but today, it’s difficult to persuade people to be witnesses. People who have witnessed an accident or a crime often find it hard to remember all the details; moreover, giving evidence in public may be very …

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