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The Two Sons

Reflection for the 17th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 21,28-32 The parable of the two sons in today’s Gospel reading was addressed to the chief priests and elders of the people. Its purpose is to defend Jesus’ invitation to sinners and outcasts to the Kingdom, in the face of the sneers of the religious establishment.  Of course, …

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“It’s not fair!”

Reflection for the 16th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 20,1-16 “It’s not fair!” How often one has heard that complaint from children of all ages? Matthew tells us that the discontented labourers in the vineyard complained because the Owner paid all of them the same amount, regardless of whether they had worked one or ten hours. …

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Reflection for the 15th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 18,21-35 Today’s Gospel reading speaks to us about the need to offer forgiveness, to our brother or neighbour who has caused offence. In our experience, it is not easy to forgive the person who offends because rancour, bitterness, and grief burn within our hearts. Indeed, people say “I …

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Discipline in the Church

Reflection for the 14th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 18,15-20 Jesus said, “If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone” (Matthew 18,15). It is a grievous matter when human families fall apart, and it should be treated equally seriously if Christians fall …

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The Foolishness of the Cross

Reflection for the 13th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 16,21-28 Just as Simon Peter had made his great confession of faith and promise of loyalty to Jesus the Son of the living God, the narrow way opens up like a sink hole in front of him. On the way from Caesarea Philippi to Jerusalem, the Lord …

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Jesus Walks On Water

Reflection for the 10th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 14,22-33 Peter’s boat on the rough sea is an icon of the Church, symbolising the Christian community’s mission is to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom and a new way of living as God’s people. Despite the many obstacles and struggles, the Lord’s help and protection …

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A Tale of Two Parties

Reflection for the 9th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 14;13-21 In a way, this Sunday’s Gospel (Matthew 14,13-21), together with the preceding verses, could be thus described. The first party is the one that King Herod throws to celebrate his birthday; the second is the impromptu picnic party Jesus throws in the wilderness for a hungry …

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Reflections at Olsok – 29th of July 2023

Today at Olsok or «Olaf’s Vigil», the Norwegian King Olaf II Haraldsson who died in the battle at Stiklestad Norway in 1030, is widely celebrated across the Nordic countries with church ceremonies and cultural festivals. It is remarkable that after almost one thousand years major official Olsok celebrations with roots in the middle ages continue …

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Is Trinity true?

Trinity Sunday John 3,1-17 Is it true? Will you find the Trinity mentioned in the Bible, or more specifically, the New Testament? Let me save you the bother of rushing to your Concordance; the word Trinity does not occur in the Bible. However, do not despair. After all, anyone who takes the Bible simply at …

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The Spirit and the Church

It is not always so easy to come to terms with the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, as Christians. Sometimes our understanding seems to be «lofty», to the point of being vague. In the following little meditation I will try to elucidate the role of the Spirit through three questions: Who is …

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