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Extra-Ordinary Struggle

First Sunday of Lent Mark 1,12-13 St. Mark tells us that immediately following his baptism, Jesus was “driven by the Spirit into the wilderness for forty days tempted by Satan”. [Mark 1,12-13] This most important event receives only a brief mention, possibly because the first hearers were well aware of the struggle for they too …

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Lent and the Cleansing of the Heart

Let me start by stating the obvious, we are living in a secular culture which has made the right of self-realisation the highest value to be sought. My happiness is the meaning of life. Of course, to say that I am responsible for my own life is not a false insight but even if we …

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Extra-Ordinary People

Sunday Before Lent Mark 1,40-45 In January, our reflections examined God’s ‘Warfare Strategy’ against the Dark Powers of Evil, and we found the Epiphany was like ‘unwrapping’ God’s Christmas Gift of His Incarnate Son to the world. That Strategy needed at first to be kept Secret – to be revealed only bit-by-bit, and only to …

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A Man in a Hurry

Second Sunday before Lent Mark 1;29-39: Christ Preaching in Galilee Familiarity with these verses, and those immediately preceding, can mask the sheer impact of Jesus’ visit to Capernaum at the start of his ministry. Here is power at work – not power as the world understands it, for worldly power often becomes an exercise in …

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Press Release concerning The Reverend Father Calvin Robinson

The leaders of the Nordic Catholic Church (NCC) were saddened to hear of the negative response to a paper given by The Reverend Father Calvin Robinson, at the “Mere Anglicanism Conference” held in Charleston South Carolina late in January. The reaction resulted in the cancellation by this group, who are part of the Anglican Church …

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The “Open Secret”

Epiphany 2 John 1;35-42 An ‘Open Secret’ sounds like a contradiction. But we saw, last month, how Secrecy is essential to God’s Plan for saving His World – because it needs unfolding to us bit by bit, to make it viable. For Act One of God’s Incarnation Strategy, He chose Mary to play the Lead …

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Recognition of the Beloved

Epiphany 1 Mark 1,7-11 After 6th January the Church year is now called “Ordinary Time” which is a pity, because we have lost, what was formerly the Epiphany Season, providing the worshipper with a number of weeks to contemplate step by step the revealing of Jesus to the world. This is a crucial preparation for …

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A Meditation for Epiphany

Epiphany Sunday Matthew 2,1-12 The story of the Epiphany is much more than a legend or a religious fairy-tale. We are often told that Luke is a careful historian, but this reading makes it clear that Matthew is as well. He locates this incident in a specific time and place: in Bethlehem, in the reign …

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Let Earth and Heaven Combine

The First Day of Christmas Luke 22,1ff The Christmas day reflection on this site spoke of the strange mixture of earth and heaven that overshadows Christ’s birth. That mixture continues through the whole of lifetime of Jesus. Think about the image of the child of Bethlehem in swaddling clothes looking like an “Egyptian mummified body”, …

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And is it true?

Christmas Day Mark 1,1-8 “And is it true?” That is what the poet John Betjeman asks in a poem simply entitled “Christmas”, and that, as you might say, is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Obviously most people don’t think it is true, otherwise, rather than simply eat, drink and spend too much, in what sometimes …

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