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Not Fit for Service

2. Sunday after Trinity Luke 9;51-62 “Not Fit for Service” is an English phrase meaning, useless until corrected. We use it to describe a badly-built bridge, a faulty electrical cable, or a leaking roof; or those in this week’s reading from St Luke, those whose response to Jesus life-giving call to “Follow Me” was, “Yes, …

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Reflection on Corpus Christi

1. Sunday after Trinity – or Corpus Christi Luke 8;28-39 Frequently I hear people exclaim, “It’s all a mystery to me”. Why cannot our age handle mystery? As if we believe that if something doesn’t work when we press a button or turn on a switch, it’s not worth knowing about. But wiser heads have …

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Make known the “unknown” God

Trinity Sunday John 16;12-15 “The Forgotten Trinity” is a British Council of Churches report in 1989 declaring that the British Christians were Unitarians with no idea of the importance of God’s unique self revelation as Holy Trinity. At about the same time, Cardinal Ratzinger had more bluntly described European churchgoers as Pagan. Tragically the situation …

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The Feast of Pentecost

Pentecost Sunday John 20;19-23 The picture presented in the description of the first Pentecost in The Acts of the Apostles (2;1-11) is quite frightening, wind, fire and strange utterances. It is a basic principle of Bible study to try to identify the links between other passages in the Bible and the one I am reading. …

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I Dreamt Of Heaven

Ascensiontide John 17;20-26 I dreamt last night that I was in heaven, and do you know, it was just like my local parish church! Well, there are many views of what heaven is going to be like. What of the wealthy woman, who went to heaven and, as befitted her social standing, was given a …

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Encountering Evil

Sixth Sunday of Easter John 14;23-29 This Reflection is based on a book entitled Encountering Evil dealing with the often-asked question “Why does the All-Powerful God allow there to be so much evil in the world?” The present Russo-Ukrainian war, with all its reported atrocities and suffering, has brought this question to the surface of …

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What’s Happened To the New Commandment?

Fifth Sunday of Easter John 13;31-35 We have followed the events of the Passion, the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus for many weeks, but on this 5th week of Easter we go back to the Passover Supper, the washing of the disciple’s feet and the departure at night of Judas from the fellowship to betray …

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I’ve Made Up My Mind, Don’t Convince Me With the Facts!

Fourth Sunday of Easter John 10;22-30 How often when we ask a question have we already made up our minds what the answer is going to be? In this Gospel reading, the Jews who asked Jesus to say plainly if he was indeed the Messiah had already worked out in their own minds what the …

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Do You Love Me?

Third Sunday of Easter – Resurrection Appearances John 21;1-19 Some think that the 4th Gospel originally ended with the climax of the resurrection appearances in Jerusalem and the words, “the world cannot contain the books that should be written about all the things Jesus did.” [John 20;25] Yet there is a final chapter 21 which …

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Holy Ground

Second Sunday of Easter – Divine Mercy John 20;19-31 That story of the Risen Lord appearing to the disciples is remarkable for a number of reasons, but to highlight just one point, and perhaps one that is not immediately obvious, strictly speaking Christianity has no holy places. Those encounters between Jesus and his friends are …

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