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It’s Only Words

Sixth Sunday of Easter – “My Words are Spirit and Life” John 15,9-17 An Englishman’s word is his bond. That’s a noble sentiment. But, there are words, and there are words. I detect a widespread cynicism about politicians, certainly at national level, because the perception is that their deeds don’t match up to their words. …

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Partaking in the Divine

Fifth Sunday of Easter – The True Vine John 15,1-8 The New Testament was written to strengthen the first converts, who not only faced great times of persecution but also philosophical attacks from Jew, Greek and Roman critics. The apostolic community needed to hand on coherent teaching but also to develop the strongest possible affinity …

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And there shall be one fold and one shepherd

Fourth Sunday of Easter – Good Shepherd John 10,11-18 When I was a child, on a Summer Sunday evening, my parents would take me for a walk along the seafront at Hastings in East Sussex. It was just like a miniature Speakers’ Corner. There was the Catholic Truth Society, there was the Protestant Truth Society, …

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“You Are Witnesses to This”

Third Sunday of Easter Luke 24,36-48 Witnesses play a critical role in every Trial before a Court of Law; but today, it’s difficult to persuade people to be witnesses. People who have witnessed an accident or a crime often find it hard to remember all the details; moreover, giving evidence in public may be very …

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The Key is “Divine Mercy”

Divine Mercy Sunday John 20,19-31 Preaching in England about the joy of Christ’s resurrection was never easy. It was made difficult because some in the pews really believed in reincarnation or had home spun ideas that bore resemblance to TV’s Startrek. Readers of Sunday newspapers would be aware that some bishops were saying that the …

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Christ is Risen!

The Psalmist in his prophecy about Easter Day (Ps 118:24) says: «This is the day the Lord has made.» Even if every day «is made to rejoice in» (Ps 90:14), the day of the resurrection is all the more so. It is the «Lord’s day», as St. John the Evangelist tells us, opening up a …

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Palm Sunday John 12,12-16 Former British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson famously remarked, “A week is a long time in politics”. You could certainly apply that saying to the events of the first Holy Week. The triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the Sunday, with the crowds wild with excitement and waving palm branches, would in just …

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Admirers or Followers

Fifth Sunday in Lent John 12,20-33 We have reached the days before Easter with its serious concern for the great challenge to faith. The whole purpose of God’s Son becoming man, was to open a new life that would be capable of liberating the human soul. Jesus was Saviour, because he offered a solution to …

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St John’s Treasure-Store

Fourth Sunday in Lent John 3,14-21 People, myself included, have wondered how St John, writing about 30 years after the other Gospels, managed to remember verbatim the various ‘Discourses’ which Jesus had with individuals – like Nicodemus; with the Samaritan woman; Pontius Pilate; as well as three whole chapters 15-17 on Maundy Thursday with His …

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Sometimes words are not enough

Third Sunday in Lent John 2,13-25 “We don’t do things like that round here. You’ve only been here five minutes, and you’re trying to turn everything upside down. Who do you think you are?” That, seems a fair summary of the way the Jews in the Gospel responded to Jesus. We may kid ourselves that …

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