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Blessed are the pure in heart

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time/ Trinity 16. Mark 9,30-37 The image of Jesus taking a child in his arms and saying to his followers, “whoever receives a little child in my name receives me” will today seem very strange. Jesus however was teaching his disciples to have self awareness by adopting a spirit of humility …

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24th Sunday of Ordinary Time/ Trinity 15. Mark 8,27-38 Get behind me Satan. Why was Jesus so harsh with Peter? Jesus had just told his friends that he was to suffer and die, and rise again on the third day, and Peter had remonstrated with him. Maybe, like a lot of us, Peter only heard …

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Being Possessed

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time/ Trinity 14. Mark 7,24-37 People today seldom talk about “being possessed”. But they often say, “I don’t know what came over me” – which means that they really do believe in “possession”. When we regret something we’ve said or done, we try to blame it on some another agency, (natural …

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True Religion

22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time/ Trinity 13. Mark 7;1-8,14-15,21-23 In England Christian institutions appear to be continually losing their way. In July 2021 an example in which a large flower arrangement was placed before the altar, and where once the sign IHS [Jesus our Saviour] might be featured, now had NHS displayed, in honour of …

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21st Sunday of Ordinary Time/ Trinity 12. John 6,60–69 We never forget you have a choice. That is a popular, at the time, advertising slogan from a few years back. Did it work? Did it produce a healthy balance sheet? Apparently not, because the irony is that that particular company has long since disappeared – …

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Seen through Mary’s Eyes

Sunday of the Dormition – 15th August 2021 Luke 1,39-56 Poetry helps us to understand the Christian Faith. Let me use a short Hymn about Mary which, in sixteen lines, tells us what it would take many pages of prose to say. The author, Bishop Thomas Ken [1637-1711], a writer of some of England’s most …

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The Food of Life

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time / Trinity 10. John 6,41-51 Wholefood The Christian Gospel is called good news because it reveals to us a God whose nature is “absolute love” revealed in Jesus the complete God and complete Man. However difficult this is, it is at the heart of Christianity and required whenever we reflect …

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Mystery or Mystification?

18th Sunday of Ordinary Time / Trinity 9. John 6,24-35 One of the most tiresome things for me about some of the sects that turn up on the doorstep is that they have no sense of mystery. And science has in some ways done a pretty similar job for the world in general – although …

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Treasures in Heaven

17th Sunday of Ordinary Time / Trinity 8. John 6,1-21 Most radio or TV stations in June 2021 put forward the message that “the vaccine will save us and life can return to normal after Covid 19”. Certainly we can only hope that people will not suffer from such a terrible infection and that our …

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Hallmarks of Rabbi Jesus

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time / Trinity 7. Mark 6,30–34 This Gospel passage is a great contrast with the death banquet of King Herod in the Palace during which John the Baptist was murdered [Mark 6:17-29]. The Gospel however introduces the the banquet of life promoted by Jesus with the hungry people of Galilee in …

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