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What Is God Like?

The 13th Sunday of Trinity Luke 15;1-10 Take twenty people, ask them what God is like, and you’ll get at least twenty different opinions. My guess is that for many people, childhood images of him will still loom large. A rather remote, aloof being, with a great long beard, sitting on a throne way above …

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The Cost of Discipleship

The 12th Sunday of Trinity Luke 14;25-43 Looking at Luke’s Gospel passage for the first Sunday of September, just days after our NCC conference in Norway had ended, I realised both shared the same theme of “discipleship and counting its cost”. Jesus said, “whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be …

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Jesus turns the world upside down – again!

The 11th Sunday of Trinity Luke 14;1,7-14 In this week’s Gospel reflection, Jesus is an invited guest for a Sabbath meal in a Pharisee’s house, when He criticises the other guests because they are all jostling for the best places. It’s pretty clear that the Pharisee had invited all his cronies along for the meal, …

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God’s Secret Wireless

The 10th Sunday of Trinity Luke 13;10-17 Countries like Norway, France, Holland, Belgium and Britain, and many others who fought together against the evil teachings of Adolf Hitler constantly relied on listening to the secret radio broadcasts which the Allies, made to each other. Owning a wireless (as these were then called), was punishable by …

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“Behold Your Mother”

The Dormition of the Mother of God Luke 14;39-56 The 15th August has since the late 5th century been a day when the Christian Church has expressed profound respect and devotion to Our Saviour’s own mother. In the summer this devotion focuses on the end of her life, of which there is no record, in …

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Be prepared!

8. Sunday after Trinity Luke 12;32-40 This reflection on the words of Jesus: “be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour” [Luke 12;40] presents us with several problems because we look for ways of finding out the future. We want to know about the future, we fret about the future, …

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The Abolition Of Man

7. Sunday after Trinity Luke 12;13-21 The abolition of man is the title of a lecture given by C.S. Lewis in 1943 in which he claimed that attempting to do away with a spiritual dimension and an agreed moral order to life would mean a culture overwhelmed with the domination of destructive impulses that end …

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“Till Death Us Do Part”

6. Sunday after Trinity Luke 11;1-13 Ask any priest and he could tell you horror stories about the state of family life in much of the western world today. May I recall a couple from my own experience? The husband who told his pregnant wife that he didn’t want children and that the child wasn’t …

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The Royal Law

5. Sunday after Trinity Luke 10;38-42 At the end of the tenth chapter of St. Luke’s gospel we have a few homely verses telling of the welcome into a home that Jesus has received from a “certain woman in a certain village”. This was however no ordinary home, it was the home of Lazarus and …

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“Who is my neighbour?”

4. Sunday after Trinity Luke 10;27-35 Who is my neighbour is the hard question a lawyer put to Jesus on the subject of living in the light of eternal life. The difference between Jesus and us is that his love is unlimited, and embraces the whole of creation, whereas we pick and choose whom to …

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