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It Is Not the Beginning Which Yieldeth the True Glory

Second Sunday of Lent Luke 13,31-35 In this week’s Gospel we meet Jesus on the way to Jerusalem and certain death. Try to imagine, if you can, how you would feel if you knew for a certainty that what you were doing would lead to certain death. Most of us would do a rapid re-think and …

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The Enemy Within

First Sunday of Lent Luke 4,1-13 Lent is the season of Christian discipleship, a time to prepare for Holy Week and Easter. In the early days of Christian persecution it was a time for those preparing for Baptism and thus linked with the forty days of testing that the Lord undertook immediately after his baptism. …

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The Transfiguration

Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time Luke 9,28-36 This reflection was written before the present suffering of the people of Ukraine and neighbouring countries. A terrible man made crisis with military, economic, psychological and spiritual consequence. The Christian world will also suffer as a result and we offer our prayers and heartfelt concern for our fellow …

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We are the masters now

Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time Luke 8,22-25 Never has human kind been more powerful than today. We have the power to send men and women to the moon, we have the power to split the atom, and we ask ourselves where it will end.  People persist in believing that power is theirs to what they …

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Look For the Star

Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time Matthew 2,10-11 There was a Youth Club in the London Church of St Alfege Greenwich, where the same Pop Music records were played, endlessly. One was called Look for a Star. It begins as follows: “When life doesn’t seem worth the living, and you don’t really care who you are, …

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A Personal Reflection On the Presentation Luke 2,1-11 The older I become the more the commemoration of the forty days after the birth of the child Jesus mean to me. Around February 2nd the Church tells how the baby was brought to the Temple by his parents. It is the climax of the Epiphany and …

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Good News

Third Sunday after Epiphany Luke 4,14-21 Jesus returns to Nazareth, his home town, as was his custom goes to the synagogue on the Sabbath, and reads a short passage from the scriptures, as might any Jewish male, after which he sits down to teach, as the custom also was, and all eyes are on him. …

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Cana Revealed

Second Sunday after Epiphany John 2,1-11 Signs and signposts are essential for finding our way about. When car drivers first travelled from country to country they were often provided with a windscreen sticker to explain the different road signs. We all need signs, and nowhere more than in matters of faith to explain the meaning …

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Why Was Jesus Baptised?

Baptism of the Lord Luke 3;15-16,21-22 What are we to make of the strange matter of Jesus’ baptism? Baptism has many meanings, but it is undoubtedly for us about the forgiveness of sins: At some stage of church history, people postponed getting themselves baptised until they were on their death beds, because they reasoned that …

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Journey with Wise Men

The Epiphany of the Lord Matt 2,1–12 Is it true, this fantastic story of wise men from the East coming to worship the baby Jesus? There is probably a bit in all of us that says that it couldn’t possibly have happened in this way – it seems to stretch credibility too far, so is …

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