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Lent and the Cleansing of the Heart

Let me start by stating the obvious, we are living in a secular culture which has made the right of self-realisation the highest value to be sought. My happiness is the meaning of life. Of course, to say that I am responsible for my own life is not a false insight but even if we …

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Press Release concerning The Reverend Father Calvin Robinson

The leaders of the Nordic Catholic Church (NCC) were saddened to hear of the negative response to a paper given by The Reverend Father Calvin Robinson, at the “Mere Anglicanism Conference” held in Charleston South Carolina late in January. The reaction resulted in the cancellation by this group, who are part of the Anglican Church …

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Reflections at Olsok – 29th of July 2023

Today at Olsok or «Olaf’s Vigil», the Norwegian King Olaf II Haraldsson who died in the battle at Stiklestad Norway in 1030, is widely celebrated across the Nordic countries with church ceremonies and cultural festivals. It is remarkable that after almost one thousand years major official Olsok celebrations with roots in the middle ages continue …

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Look For the Star

Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time Matthew 2,10-11 There was a Youth Club in the London Church of St Alfege Greenwich, where the same Pop Music records were played, endlessly. One was called Look for a Star. It begins as follows: “When life doesn’t seem worth the living, and you don’t really care who you are, …

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A Way Forward – NCC UK Administration Launched

Over the past years I have been approached by people from the United Kingdom asking me what the Nordic Catholic Church can offer to help disaffected Anglo Catholics. After a period of consulting with different constituencies and with the blessing of Most Reverend Anthony Mikovsky, Archbishop of the Union of Scranton, I have taken steps …

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