Invitation Letter from the NCC UK

Receiving the Gift

A gift is being offered to Christians in the United Kingdom who are seeking a new ‘dwelling place’ in which to worship and serve Jesus Christ in a way that is consonant with the traditional belief and practice that until the last part of the last century was normative for Christian experience.

It is a gift open to all, but it is primarily offered to Anglicans within the Church of England. The Church of England is soon to consecrate the profound error of admitting women into the historic Episcopate. From that moment on the Church of England will cease to have any authentic claim to be a Catholic and Apostolic church, and its provision to accommodate orthodox members will mean that it will stand on feet made of both ‘clay and iron’. This is a very brittle foundation for the future.

There are some who feel a strong vocation to remain within the Established Church to offer a prophetic witness to the church itself. This call is to be honoured, and will demand for those who follow it, an outpouring of the gifts of faith, hope and love.

There are others who now sense that the Lord is calling them into something new. They are unclear as to what this future might be.
It is the precious gift of the orthodox and apostolic authority of a Bishop of the Nordic Catholic Church, with its sacramental assurance and the dynamism of the Holy Spirit, that is being offered by Bishop Roald Flemestad, with the support of other Bishops of the Union of Scranton. It is offered to those who are hearing this call to travel in faith, to a place as yet unknown.

This gift will enable individuals who are seeking the Lord’s will for themselves and their families, to have a secure ‘dwelling place’ in which to ‘ask, seek and knock’ in the sure hope that the Lord who is the ‘Way, Truth and Life’ will honour the prayer of those who gather together in his name. This is purpose of the oratory of The Way and Mind of the Spirit.

Those who are called to share this pilgrimage are not seeking to merely preserve or continue elements of their past church life. Rather they will be seeking the Lord’s future for them, hoping and praying that they might play a vital part in the evangelisation of England and in the renewal and unification of the Body of Christ.

The Nordic Catholic Church was itself the fruit of such a pilgrimage, and our brothers and sisters in Scandinavia (and in other parts of Europe) have already experienced the spiritual and social trauma which is the consequence of the church of their Baptism becoming apostate. The gift they offer is the fruit of
‘working out their own salvation in fear and trembling’.

If you are a person who senses this vocation to journey in faith with others seeking an orthodox Christian life, which draws on the patrimony of the One Tradition as expressed in Anglicanism, you are encouraged to contact us at providing some details of your present situation.

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