Press Release concerning The Reverend Father Calvin Robinson

The leaders of the Nordic Catholic Church (NCC) were saddened to hear of the negative response to a paper given by The Reverend Father Calvin Robinson, at the “Mere Anglicanism Conference” held in Charleston South Carolina late in January. The reaction resulted in the cancellation by this group, who are part of the Anglican Church in North America, in any further proceedings, of Father Calvin, our priest, who remains in good standing, and has the support of the Nordic Catholic Church.

The text of Fr. Calvin Robinson’s paper, he had been invited to present, is in wide distribution for all to see. The Nordic Catholic Church regard the address as a thoughtful, fair, Catholic, and O rthodox Christian treatment of the massive problems the wider Church is facing today, and ought to be undertaken within the church, in a spirit of free speech.

Fr. Calvin will be a featured speaker at the Union of Scranton conference “The Faith of the Undivided Church” to be held in Mainz, Germany, on February 1st–4th after which Fr. Calvin’s talk will be made available.

January 23rd 2024

Bishop Roald Nikolai Flemestad, NCC UK
Bishop Ottar Mikael Myrseth, NCC Scandinavia and Germany

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