Religious Communities

The piety of the Benedictine tradition is in different ways present in the Nordic Catholic Church. It is mainly practiced by monks in the Order of Port Royal, a monastic Order fully integrated in the Nordic Catholic Church. As Cistercians. the monks follow the rule of monastic life written by St. Benedict in the 6th century.

The Order of Port Royal traces its origins back to the Cistercian monastery Port Royal in France which was an important centre of philosophy, education and science until the monastery was closed in 1705 at the instigation of the Jesuites. Thereafter the spiritual home was moved to the Netherlands under the protection of the Bishop of Utrecht. In 2012 the Order left the Union of Utrecht and placed itself under the spiritual authority of the Bishop of the Nordic Catholic Church and thereby joining the Union of Scranton.

The core of the Order of Port Royal consists of professed monks. But the Abbey of St. Severin includes oblates – lay persons who want to practice the Rule of St. Benedict in their everyday life.

The Abbey of St. Severin is located outside Kaufbeuren in Bavaria.

Moreover, many members of the Nordic Catholic Church are familiar with the Benedictine breviary from the liturgical life in their parishes and some are oblates in the prayer community Benediktinerfellesskapet, connected with the Convent of the Holy Cross in England.

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